Baruch Dayan Haemet (Community Notification)

We regret to inform the community of the passing of Paula Trink's mother.
The funeral will take place today at 17:30 at the local Beit Shemesh Cemetary.
According to the law, only 50 people may attend the levaya, and there are currently 39 spots available after the family and the rav. If you wish to attend, please sign up on the google sheet below.
For the levaya, they will only be allowing 20 people inside the building. 50 people will be allowed outside.
Dinner and Shabbat meals are being organized by Wendy Serlin.
You can contact her at 02-999-2186, 052-346-3452 or
Shiva information to follow.
Paula is not currently accepting phone calls.

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