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WeekdayWeek of 4/18ShabbatParshat Acharei/Kedoshim
1st Shacharit6:15Candle lighting18:37
2nd Shacharit7:15Early Erev Shabbat Mincha17:30
3rd Shacharit8:15Erev Shabbat Mincha / Kabbalat Shabbat18:55
Mincha Gedola13:30
Mincha Ketana18:551st Shachrit6:45
2nd Shacharit8:15
1st Ma'ariv19:353rd Shacharit (Ulam Selesny)8:45
2nd Maariv21:00
3rd Ma'ariv21:301st Mincha13:30
4th Ma'ariv2nd Mincha17:30
3rd Mincha18:30
Daf Yomi18:55
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