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Bet Midrash Torani Leumi Vaad

Get involved in BMTL

We are in the process of preparing the activities and shul services for the coming year. We recognize that our greatest asset is our membership and are confident in the knowledge that each and everyone of you has something to give that will ensure the success of our shul’s activities.

Below is a list of the Shul’s Vaad members and their areas of responsibility. We ask you to consider the different roles and then contact a member of the Vaad to see how you can get involved.

Please do not wait to be approached but be proactive and volunteer your services.

The success of the shul and its ability to provide the necessary services for you and your children is dependent on each and everyone of you.

Vaad Role Vaad Member Contact
Yoshevet Rosh HavaadElyssa
Building MaintenanceAvi
Noar ProgrammingYaron
Adult Educational ProgrammingShmuel
Adult Social ProgrammingMalka

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